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The Viewpoint - Mount Luho


Mt. Luho is a small mountain where a viewing tower and walkway was built.  From here you have a fanstatic view of Bolabog Beach, the Fairways and Bluewaters Golf Course and the ocean.  It is possible to walk up here from Bolabog Beach (north end), but the road is steep so good body condition and legs are needed.  By mountain bike, its nice to ride up from the back side.  Follow the main road up to where the golf course starts, there is a little sign painted on the first wall of the golf course.  Do not hesitate to ask people around there.  From d*Mall and up to Mt. Luho, it is about 30 min with mountain bike. It is possible to rent a tricycle to go there, but be aware that they will ask you for about Php 150  to go up there, because its a bit hard for their motors.

However, standing up there during the sunset is marvelous, but a lot better to be here during the sunrise.  During the sunrise, there is no people, you will might be alone, no noise except from the birds and the wind.

These pictures show the sunrise March 5, 2007.